Vienna is known for its sightseeing, but did you know about all the tours you can take? Here is a list of sightseeing tours that are available to you while you’re in Vienna.

St. Stephen Cathedral

            This church was built in 1147. It is Vienna’s most famous landmark. This cathedral has a giant roof and there is a tall tower, which is quite gothic. If you want to, there are 343 steps that you can climb to the south tower. The view from the top is amazing. This is one to put on your bucket list for sure.


            This church was built in 792 and is one of the oldest churches in Vienna. It was torn down in 1701, then it was rebuilt 30 years later. It is supposed to be like the Petersdom which is in Rome, Italy. The inside contains beautiful décor that people from all over come to see.


The Graben is a building that is named after a body of water that surrounded the Roman wall. There are many nouveau homes here and there is one home which was built by Ott Wagner here. This is the last home that he built in Vienna. During the medieval times in history, this area was a trading route, but today it is a wonder of extravagance to the travelers and local eyes. This is one of the top sites to visit when on vacation in Vienna.


            This is the church of Saint Michael and it was built in the 13th century. This church has been rebuilt several times and it’s still as beautiful as ever. Mozart performed in this church before his death. It has interesting history and travelers come because of its catacombs. This is a very interesting place and it has a lot of history behind it too. You will be amazed at this church and the way it looks inside and out.


            This is a traffic area in Vienna. It was in Vienna during the Roman period and is still in Vienna today. This famous church has changed hands over time and now it is a link to an underground pavilion. For more information on this tour, there are several online resources for you to check out.


            This building was designed by several top-notch architects. They have been diligently working on this since 1990. They have to convert four 102-year-old gasometers into a complex. This complex will have shopping centers, a mall, around 70 shops, and more. In this complex there will also be houses, about 615 flats with a modern twist, and an event hall that holds around 4000 people. It’s a huge construction project that will do a great job at boosting the economy and this will draw in more tourists. It is always a great idea to have a lot of shopping in the city, especially when it comes to Vienna. The more shopping, the better for most tourists.

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