Gamico is a platform which provides gamers an opportunity to earn a living by playing video games. It gives a chance to game fanatics to monetize their skills and the time that they spend on playing video games by playing and competing. They can make money when they play tournaments, by unlocking achievements in a game, through head-to-head battles, by tapping into the social features and even by exchanging their GMC tokens for other forms of cryptocurrencies.

It uses the blockchain technology to provide video game hobbyists an opportunity for receiving compensation for playing video games. Users must be registered on this platform to start using it.


  • This platform helps reduce the possibilities of fraud and tampering since it is based on a blockchain network and has a high level of security.
  • The transactions of GMCs will help provide verification of a match with accuracy.
  • This platform works completely on smart contracts and distribution, and the aim is to create a platform for public escrow.
  • Gamico also aims to provide facilities for storage, recording and live streaming games, which can help users in the future for their own reference or for their entertainment.

With these features, Gamico has a great framework lined up for the gaming industry and gamers. The best part is that it is not just entertaining for those who love playing games, but it also provides compensation and rewards to them.


gamico icoGamico provides users compensation for playing video games through their GMC tokens, which allows players to participate and interact with one another in user tournaments. Players also get rewarded by building their brand and creating content. They can also receive GMC tokens by simply staying active on this gaming platform.

Ranking System

There is also a ranking system on the platform as a way of measuring the performance and skills of the players once they’ve become part of a tournament. Users will receive ranking points as well as GMC tokens, which would show their ranking worldwide. This system is quite important as some of the tournaments may require a particular rank for the user to enter.

User Profile

Each player has their own profile on the platform, which is used to store their details such as their achievements and ranking, their game records, and other information and statistics. Gamers are also allowed to integrate video content from other websites on their profiles.


  • Soft Cap: US $5,000,000
  • Hard Cap: US $20,000,000
  • Accepted Token: ETH
  • Token Supply: 60,000,000

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