While it is always best to feed your dog the highest quality pet food you can afford, we all run out of dog food occasionally. Don’t despair! You probably have in your kitchen all the makings of a perfectly acceptable substitute Emergency Dog Food.

The main thing to remember is that dogs need protein – lots of it. They are carnivores, after all. While it may not look it, those little dry nuggets you feed Fido are packed jamb-full of protein, from various sources. Blood meal, for instance, is heavy, concentrated protein your dog’s body demands. Wheat, in large amounts, is not particularly good for your dog, but in small amounts is acceptable. One of the following recipes calls for bread, the other rice. Its best to use the bread recipe only occasionally, but the rice dish is ok for more extended use. Both recipes for emergency dog food are egg-based as the protein source.

Recipe #1
Depending on your dog’s size:
Scramble 1 to 4 eggs in a small amount of Olive Oil over medium heat. When the eggs are solid and dry, remove from heat and break up into small pieces. Tear up 1-4 slices of enriched bread (Sourdough is best, but any will suffice), add to pan (off heat) and mix. Allow to cool before serving. My dogs think they’re getting a special treat when I feed this to them. You may add any dog-friendly tit-bits of leftovers as you see fit, but do not add: Salt or spices, chicken (or any other fowl) with any bones, ham, bacon or sausage. (This goes for both recipes.)

Recipe #2
Again, depending on your dog’s size:
Prepare ¼ to 1 cup (uncooked measure) of enriched white or brown rice according to package instructions, omitting the salt, in a tightly covered saucepan. As soon as it is done cooking, remove from heat, crack and add: 1 to 4 eggs. Mix well. Replace cover and allow to cool before serving. I often sauté up some carrots and celery in a little Olive Oil and add that as well (or prepare the rice right over it). This recipe makes a tasty protein-laden gruel your dog will probably love. Mine do.

Neither of the above recipes for Emergency Dog Food should take the place of your regular, scientifically formulated dog food, but both will keep your pet alive, healthy and happy in a pinch.

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